Friday, August 17, 2012

Can I Have a 13 Percent Tax Rate?

If My Husband Is Elected YOU Will Pay For My Health Care For Rest Of My Life!
Mitt Romney and his taxes are back in the news again today...he is telling the world that he looked over his past ten years of taxes, and states he has paid an AVERAGE of about 13 percent over that period of time!  First, be willing to bet that almost everyone in the middle class paid a higher percentage of their income in taxes than that.  Now, lets factor in a few things we paid that he probably did not.

1.  Medicare/Medicaid taxes...those are paid on wages, not on the kinds of income that Romney has.
2.  Social Security Taxes...again, something Romney does not pay because of the kind of income that he receives.
3.  Workers Compensation.

Factor those three additional line items into the mix, and most middle class families see about 20 percent of their gross incomes going to taxes while Mitt Romney pays THIRTEEN PERCENT, and wants to lower that percentage more by giving himself and his other rich cronies earning over 2.5 million dollars a year an additional tax break of $250,000 a year!

The average of 13 percent...that does not answer a key question put to Romney...were there years when you PAID NO TAXES?  Offer up your returns, and stop hiding the UGLY TRUTH.