Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan & Romney Want To SPLIT Baby Boomer Vote...Divide Us Into Haves and Have Nots

Save Our Benefits...Benefits WE PAID FOR!
If you were born between the years of 1946 and 1964 you are a Baby Boomer.

If you are a Baby Boomer, you have PAID INTO Medicare & Social Security your entire working life. Sadly, the Federal Government over our working life has mismanaged our money, have borrowed greatly from the Social Security Fund, and now that it is time for us to collect what we have already saved for, our government wants to rewrite the rules in a way that will cheat us out of our benefits.

If you look at the Romney/Ryan plan to fix the problem, they want to divide the Baby Boomers into the haves and have not's as they protect the benefits for some, while taking the benefits away from others.  Listen to Ryan out on the campaign trail, and he says, "If you are over 55 nothing will change for you, you will receive your full benefits as you should.  I am 56, was born in 1956...what about the Baby Boomers who were born from 1957-1964?  If a line is going to be drawn in the sand, if you are going to change the way benefits are tallied, if you are going to change Medicare into a voucher system, shouldn't the line in the sand be January 1, 1965?

Taking a yearly average of 4 million births during the Baby Boomer time span of 1957-1964, Ryan and Romney would deny Medicare as we know it today to 32 million (about 40 percent of us) Baby Boomers, despite the fact that those born in 1964 have paid into the system for approximately 28 years as of the writing of this article, the Federal Government taking deductions out of our pay checks each and every pay period for a period of three decades or longer.  Imagine one brother or sister having Medicare Coverage that they have paid for, while a slightly younger sibling Baby Boomer is given a voucher (coupon) and told, "You are on your own."

If Romney and Ryan are going to strip away this paid for benefit, are they going to refund all the money (with interest) that the have nots have paid into the system they are now being denied access too?  What about Social Security...the age which we can collect has already been pushed back, and now both Romney and Ryan want to see that age pushed back again, even though we were promised by the government that if we paid into Social Security at a higher rate (percentage of our income that is paid into Social Security was GREATLY INCREASED), we could retire and collect full Social Security at the age of 64...they want to raise it to 67 and 70.

If someone is 55, if that someone has paid into Medicare for some 35 years, has planned on having Medicare in their old age, is it fair to suddenly pull the rug out from under them because government bureaucrats and elected politicians mismanaged the funds in such a way that there is not enough money to pay out the benefits as promised?  We bailed out banks, we bailed out Wall Street, we bailed out the auto industry, we bailed out AIG, but want to abandon our duty to 32 million Americans who played by the rules, who paid into the system their entire working careers?  Really?  We want to divide the largest group of American citizens we have in the name of winning an election, splitting the vote.

Wake up Seniors...Romney/Ryan wants your vote, so you are being told that your benefits are secure.  What about our benefits...those of us who are ALMOST IN YOUR SHOES who are being told that the Medicare we have counted on is going to be traded in for VOUCHERS!  What about one for all and all for one?  There are 79 Million Baby Boomers, and that is (bar none) the largest voting block in America, and if there ever was a time for us to all stand as one to protect Medicare, that time is now!

A vote for Romney as the next president is a vote to deny some 32 Million Baby Boomers the Medicare that we have EARNED...are you as a Baby Boomer born in or before 1957 going to stand with all Baby Boomers, or are you willing to turn your back on those born after you because YOU GET YOURS?