Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Bearing Down on Republican Convention...Sign From God?

We are a divided nation, and Washington DC is in gridlock as Republicans in Congress do everything they can to thwart any ideas that would improve the economy before the November Elections...the Republicans have spent the last two years tossing America's middle and lower classes under the bus in the name of winning the White House, seeing us as nothing more than acceptable collateral damage in a WIN AT ALL COST race to put themselves back in power so that they can perpetrate their Radical Right Wing Tea Party Agenda on the nation.

This past Sunday Todd Akin exposed an ugly truth about the party, showed Americans the dark and sinister under belly of the party that wants to send women back to the day when they are bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  Todd Akin has shown that the Republican Party is full of radical religious zealots with an agenda that runs contrary to the will of the people...which does make one wonder as a tropical storm/soon to be hurricane sets its sites on God  sending the Republicans a message?

I'm not an overly religious person, would not be one to jump to this conclusion, but we all know just how God Fearing some in the Republican Party really are, and if some of their thoughts on obeying the word of God are correct, it might stand too reason that God is sending them a sign that they have strayed to far off the path of righteousness in the name of politics, in the name of the Republican Party.  Perhaps God would support a woman's right to choose, especially in cases of Rape and Incest.  Perhaps God, like Nancy Reagan supports stem cell research and the lives it saves.  Perhaps a Hurricane taking a direct hit on Tampa, raining on Mitt Romney's parade is God's way of waking up the Republican Party, his way of telling them they have gone to far.

Or maybe this tropical storm is just a bit of bad luck that might put a damper on the Republican Party's National Convention.