Monday, August 27, 2012

How Much Will Ann Romney's MS Cost American Taxpayers, and Should We Have To Pay It?

Ann Romney Is Seriously Ill
As the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's greatest accomplishment was signing into law a bill that gave health care to every citizen in the state.  The bill included a mandate that individual persons, not companies/corporations had a personal responsibility to secure/purchase health care...this from the same man who stated in Iowa that Corporations are people too.  Romney Care was and is the model that Obama Care was based upon.  However, trying to prove that Zebra's can change stripes, Romney never mentions his own greatest accomplishment as governor, and instead has promised, that if elected president of the United States, he will eliminate Obama Care...what he intends to replace it with no one is sure.

There is an unwritten rule that a Presidential candidate's wife and family are off limits in the heated election season, and as a general rule, would tend to agree with this rule.  Problem is, Romney in promising to do away with Obama Care, is going to deny millions of Americans health coverage...Romney's wife has MS, and if elected President, the costs of providing health care to his wife Ann Romney will fall upon us the American taxpayers.  We will be saddled with taking care of his wife's health needs, covering the costs of her medical coverage for the rest of her life while her husband as President of the United States is taking health care access away from millions of Americans in the middle and lower classes.

The question then becomes, "Is it fair for us as Americans to have to provide Ann Romney with the best medical care money can buy, and pay for it through our taxes while he is denying us the same care?  The answer should be no, but what an answer should be, and reality are two completely different things.

I'm sorry that Ann Romney has (Multiple sclerosis)MS, but find it unacceptable that a man worth over $250 Million dollars will expect the American taxpayers to pay for her health care while he works diligently to take our health care away.  Such actions on Mitt Romney's part are hypocritical, and emphasize just how out of touch he is with the average citizens of our nation.

One last thought...can Ann Romney handle the stress and work load of being First Lady, and if she should have a serious relapse, considering how close she and Mitt are, could a President Romney mentally and emotionally handle the job of being president while dealing with a suddenly very ill and declining wife?