Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stalking In Mountaindale...?

Imagine a nondescript black car parked at the end of your block late at night, imagine realizing there are two people sitting in the car WATCHING YOU, perhaps even recording your movements, sounds and conversations.  

That was an experience the patrons of Ed's Mountaindale Inn found themselves in last night at just before midnight.  A car pulled up across and down the street from the bar, the people inside turning off the vehicle's lights and engine as they began what could only be considered surveillance of a CREEPY NATURE.  The car eventually pulling out,  driving very slowly down the street past the bar, turning around, sitting for awhile again watching everyone outside of Ed's, and then  the two people in the car departed.

One thing was apparent...all those at the bar who were aware of what was going on (which was all of us) felt as if we were being stalked. 

Stalkers use a variety of methods to harass their targets, and yes those who are victims of stalkers are being harassed, are TARGETS. The single minded inventiveness, persistence, and obsessive nature of stalkers is almost unimaginable, until you find yourself  the target. Last night, several patrons, citizens of the downtown Mountaindale Community found themselves just that...unwilling participants in some strange stake out (targets), as the Mountaindale Inn and its patrons were put under unwanted and undeserved SURVEILLANCE.

What were we doing to find ourselves under the microscope?  Having fun, enjoying some great music, quaffing down a beer or two, sitting outside (around the side of the building) at picnic tables enjoying some quiet chat with friends, smoking cigarettes.   Do we really need, desire self appointed noise vigilante's in our small hamlet?  Do we as citizens of this community want to find ourselves under constant scrutiny, cars pulling up in the middle of the night, the people inside watching even recording our every move?