Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday...News On The Run

Clock Pole Vandalized
First, seems that vandalism struck our small hamlet this past Saturday night.  Though the town clock has been down for repairs for some time now, the solitary pole it hung from has proudly stood watch for some time, waiting for its majestic time piece...that is until Saturday night when it got pulled down, apparently by a couple of intoxicated young men.  

One can ponder on how it might have happened...perhaps they wanted to leap up an do a pull up, or perhaps they took a running jump hoping to swing on the cross bar.  However it happened, it is unfortunate, and taking a look at the pole cannot help but wonder if it would still be intact had it been properly cemented in.  In either case it is very unfortnate, and its demise over the weekend probably means the hamlet's dearly loved clock is not going to be making a reappearance any time soon.

In other news of import for our small town...According to the sign in the window we will have a brand new Cafe/Deli opening here in town this Thursday!  A quick peek in the window of the shop shows some grocery items are already in stock, there is an ice cream cooler, pastry display case, and a deli counter.  So, starting Thursday we will have a place for a good cup of coffee and a pastry, a place to order up a deli sandwich or pick up a pound of deli meats, and starting in September the store will also be carrying cigarettes for those not wanting to jump in their car for a pack of smokes.  Not sure when it will occur, but rumor has it that the convenience store will also be carrying a selection of good beers!
New Coffee Shop/Deli Opens Thursday

As always, Wednesday night is Open Mic Night at Ed's Mountaindale Inn...bring your instruments, your ears and join everyone for a great night of music and conversation.  Not sure what is on tap this week, but the Mountaindale Inn always has two great Craft Beers each and every week.  You can also get a really good burger at the Mountaindale Inn or perhaps a fabulous pizza pie...general consensus is that Ed makes the best pies in town.

For those so inclined, this Saturday night is going to be a lot of fun as the "Church of The Little Green Men" once again opens it doors for a must attend fun night of surprises.   

Mark your calendars for August 24th...the Mountaindale Inn will be having a LIVE BAND!  As always, there is NO COVER CHARGE, and the doors open at 4:00 PM with live music from 8:00 PM till Midnight.  Should be a great night for music lovers.