Friday, August 31, 2012

Romney Acceptance Speech a Snorefest

I am a news junkie, so even though I have no intentions of voting for a rabid right wing quarter billionaire by the name of Romney, did tune in tonight to watch his acceptance speech, see if he laid anything out that was real or different.  What a SNOREFEST!

The man has no clue, and still has not laid out anything to show America how he is going to fulfill his promise of creating 12 million jobs in four years...being straight forward honest, it cannot be done, and Romney and his handlers ARE LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, showing us they will do anything to get Romney elected.

Problem is, Romney is an out of touch, uber rich, boring man that if elected will rape America's middle class in the name of taking care of his rich friends.  Problem is, Romney will rape America's environment in efforts to give the oil, gas and nuclear industries everything they want, which is LESS REGULATION, and LESS PROTECTION OF THE AIR WE BREATH AND THE WATER WE DRINK.

Romney's speech tonight should make Americans stop and we share the vision of America that Romney and Ryan share?  An America where gays do not have equal rights, and America where women who have been raped cannot get an abortion.  Is our America the same one Romney wants, which is an America where the average Americans taxes are raised $2,000 a year so that he can give millionaires and billionaires a $250,000 a year tax break.  Romney's vision is an America where Exxon can drill anywhere they damn well want to, and Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy can frack for gas even if in doing so we lose our clean drinking water supplies.  Romney and Ryan's America will deny over 25 million Baby Boomers the Medicare they have ALREADY PAID FOR, will take Medicare and turn it into a voucher system that sends our tax dollars into the private insurance industry while taking more money out of our pockets to pay for below par medical care.

Romney is a boring stuffed shirt with a dangerous vision for America if you are a lower or middle class American...hopefully, the undecided voters will wake up and see this scary reality and vote for Obama.