Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illegal Aliens Seek Reprieve From Deportation

Today the flood gates to a back door AMNESTY for hundreds of thousands have opened as illegal aliens apply for a reprieve that gives them:

1.  A two year reprieve from any/all actions leading to their deportation.
2.  A Work Permit that would allow them to steal jobs from legal citizens during the two year reprieve that they would be granted.
3.  A drivers license...if granted a reprieve these illegal aliens would be allowed to get driver licenses regardless of state laws.

Every application, from my perspective, should be turned over to ICE/DHS and those who have come forward should be rounded up and deported...harsh?  Yes it is, but in these hard economic times our government has a responsibility to take care of our own, and illegal aliens regardless of their country of origin ARE NOT OUR OWN.  We are supposed to be a nation of laws, and what Obama's executive order does is by pass those laws for political reasons, appeases a group of people who are criminals.

Know the arguments on the other side...all we want is to live our lives, hold down jobs, and live the American Dream.  Problem is, nearly 12 million illegal aliens, 7.5 million of them working in the American work force are living their own dreams by STEALING THE DREAMS OF AMERICANS.
The work permits essentially allow holders to live in the daylight; they will be able to obtain Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses and apply for financial aid for college. They will be able to open bank accounts and seek certifications to work as nurses and electricians.
Is it fair that illegal aliens in many states get "In State Tuition" while American Citizens who in many cases live just over a state line have to pay a much higher out of state tuition rate?  Is it fair that the law that makes it illegal  for a illegal alien to be employed is ignored, that our own children cannot find jobs because so many illegal aliens are in our work force?  Is it fair that smokers (I know everyone likes to beat up on them) saw an additional dollar in taxes added to the price of a pack of cigarettes so that the 4.5 million anchor babies of illegal aliens could have health insurance?  Is it fair that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens under 30 who have used stolen/fake ID's are going to be allowed a two year reprieve from deportation, a reprieve that will more than likely lead them down the path to becoming legalized American Citizens, allow them to jump to the front of the line in front of hopeful immigrants who have played by the rules, obeyed the immigration laws of the United States of America?  If an America were to steal an ID, or purchase one they would find themselves arrested and charged with a felony...why are illegal aliens not held to this same standard?

In almost any other situation where a person violates the laws of America, the family ends up paying a price...why should it be different for illegal aliens?  If someone commits murder, is sent to prison, the family, the children do pay a price, we do not sit here and say, "for the sake of the family we'll let the father stay out of prison, allow the father to continue working and supporting his family."  What makes the crime of illegal immigration different?  If we are a nation of laws, isn't it time that those laws are enforced, rather than set aside, thus encouraging these law breakers to find a way across the border into the United States with the knowledge that if they make it here, politicians in Washington DC will allow them to stay?