Monday, August 13, 2012

Open Question To Mitt Romney About Bubble Boy Paul Ryan

Dear Mitt Romney:

I too am a BUBBLE BOY
I just watched you on CNN saying that one of your intimate cronies in the business community would like to see the Constitution of the United States amended in a way that candidates for the office of President should be required to have a minimum of three years corporate business experience.  You went on further to say that you agree with this position.

Since you agree with this line of reasoning, my question to you is as follows.

Paul Ryan's only job was working BRIEFLY as a consultant in his family's business.  The rest of his entire working career has been spent as a Washington insider, first working for Jack Kemp's Think Tank, and since the age of 29 serving in short, if you agree that a candidate for President should have at least three years of actual  corporate business experience, what in God's name made you choose a Vice Presidential candidate (who is one step away from being President) that has ZERO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE?

Inquiring average middle class Americans want to know...OH...silly me, you and Ryan don't care about America's middle class, so guessing you will not show up here on my blog and answer this question.