Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan, Republican Bubble Boy

It's official, Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's running mate...which means it is time to give the man some much needed closer scrutiny, and what soon becomes apparent, is the man has spent almost his entire adult life in a bubble, a bubble that sees himself, his wife and children living off the largesse of the American taxpayer, while talking about taking away the various social programs that we have earned over the course of our own life times.

As example, Paul has been a Congressman since before he reached the age of 30...his twelve plus years in the House of Representatives will see him collecting a pension in excess of $80,000 a year on the day he would become the Vice President of the United States (this would be in addition to his salary as the VP) should Romney get elected in November.  Additionally, his kids would be insured at the expense of the American taxpayer until they reached the age of 26, while he and his wife are guaranteed PREMIUM HEALTHCARE compliments of the United States taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

Paul Ryan is a bubble boy because he has never really held a job in the private sector.  Sure some might argue that his mentor-ship at the feet of Jack Kemp while working for his Washington DC think tank should count as a real job, but fact is he was at that think tank being groomed to be a politician, was at that think tank to develop his close intimate ties with the lobbyist on K Street.  Which should cause every American to ask a few questions.

Is Paul Ryan really ready to step in and be President of the United States if God forbid something were to happen to Mitt Romney...the answer to this question is a resounding NO in bold capital letters.  He has no real world experience, has never been anything but a politician ready, willing and able to sell himself out to the highest bidders on K Street...proof of this can be found by comparing his campaign donations to his voting record will a Congressman.  As example his Economic Plan for America calls for cutting social service programs to the nation's lower and middle class citizens while at the same time rewarding his handlers (Wall Street and K Street deep pockets) who earn over 2 million dollars a year with a $250,000 a year reduction in their taxes.

His complete lack of understanding of, and compassion for average Americans can be seen in his readiness he exhibits to basically do away with Medicare, and scale back Social Security payments to average Americans...benefits mind you that we have paid for with deductions every week out of our paychecks...he seems to care less that he and Congress should be prosecuted for malfeasance for so mismanaging the funds over a period of decades, routinely stealing money from the Social Security Fund to use in other areas.   

Perhaps if he wants to scale back these programs, he should start with his and his fellow representatives perks...IE, once elected into the House of Representatives, these politicians qualify for a guaranteed retirement pension of at least $42,000 beginning the day after they leave office after only FIVE YEARS ON THE JOB! Ryans case, with his time in the House of Representatives, his pension will be in excess of $80,000 and will be paid to him for the rest of his life starting at around the age of 43!  After only 12 years in Washington DC he is guaranteed top of the line health insurance for the rest of his life regardless of what does or does not happen with Obamacare after the first of the year.

You wonder why Mitt Romney chose Ryan...they are two peas in a pod, two bubble boys living in a world that has nothing to do with living the live of an average American, two bubble boys incapable of understanding the plight of the common man.    One has to ask, "Are these really the kinds of men we want leading America, being the two most powerful men in the world?