Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan Romney Plan For America...TInkle Down Economics

Ryan may be on the bottom of the Republican Party Presidential Ticket, but when it comes to the Republican Plan to save America and restore prosperity, leave no doubt about it, Paul Ryan is steering Romney's ship as the two of them try to win the White House, and that reality means Americans from every walk of life need to wake up to the reality of a Ryan/Romney short, it is a yellow version of Reagan's Trickle Down Economics where we were falsely led to believe that what was good for the rich was good for the middle and lower class, that their prosperity would trickle down to the rest of us...under the Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney plan, the middle class will find themselves pissed on by the uber rich...thus Tinkle Down Economics.

So, if you find yourself in the 99 percent instead of in the one percent, ask yourselves....are you willing to be pissed on by the likes of Mitt Romney, the man who earns $36,000 a day?  Are you willing to be pissed on by the likes of Paul Ryan, the man who wants to raise your taxes while those earning over $2.5 million a year (Mitt Romney) receive a $250,000 additional tax reduction as the so called JOB CREATORS...can any one say Bain Capital?

Sure here in Sullivan County we have a few folks (Gerry) who are UBER RICH, and there are probably a bit larger number of folks who could be considered seriously wealthy, but for most of us, we fall into the categories of either middle or lower class, and like it or not, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's plan for America has painted a target squarely on our foreheads.  When you go into that voting booth in November to choose are next presidents, ask yourselves, "Can I afford to be pissed on by these two men for the next four years?"