Monday, August 13, 2012

Temple Of The Little Green Men-August 18th HAPPENING!

It is August, and time for another fun night of excitement, fun and comradery at the WORLD FAMOUS Temple Of The Little Green Men!  If you look in the dictionary under Alternative Interpretive Theater there is a good chance you will you'll find a picture of this wonderful place and space.

Event Theme...Doggin Daze Puppy Love
BYOD- Dogs in costume welcome. Best in show. Obedience school. Loads of ass sniffing.

Dogs in costume are WELCOME
(Muzzles where appropriate)

  When:  Saturday August 18th, 2012

                    143 Old Glen Wild Road
                    Glen Wild, New York 12738

Come prepared for a great night of worshipping some fantastic off beat humor, musical talent, and perhaps hear another great irreverant sermon on a politically hot button issue of the day.  The Temple Band will as always be performing.