Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney Cannot Control Rogue Congressman

So yesterdays deadline for Todd Akin to resign from the race to become Senator from the state of Missouri, and he has decided to STAY IN THE RACE.  Mr. Legitimate Rape (and his bill co-signer Paul Ryan) has decided to ignore party big wigs, has decided to snub his nose at the Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and continue his campaign...ignore Tod Akin's stupidity, and look at Mitt Romney...if he cannot control and convince one Rogue Republican to step down for the good of the party, then how can he rule a nation?

Todd Akin Has the Inside Scoop: Women Can't Get Pregnant from 'Legitimate Rape' [UPDATE from Akin Campaign]

Mitt Romney is the leader of the Republican Party, and in some ways Todd Akin gave Romney the chance to seize on a teachable moment, gave Mitt Romney a chance to show his ability to be a leader, and Mitt Romney BLEW IT BIG TIME.  Mitt Romney's original response to Todd Akin's remarks was tepid, reserved and tentative.  It was only yesterday afternoon that Romney finally told Todd Akin to step down for the good of the party.  Instead, Mitt Romney should have been bold and forceful from the very start of this National Scandal.  

Mitt Romney could have forcefully condemned Todd Akin's words and views.  Furthermore, Mitt Romney could have stood up to the RADICAL RIGHT WING OF HIS PARTY and insisted that the Akin pro-life wording in the Republican Platform be changed to provide and exception for rape, incest and the life of the mother...instead, Mitt Romney stood SILENT on the issue, allowed the most rabid members of the far right craft a party position that runs (supposedly) contrary to his own views on the subject of abortion...he goes on TV and states that a Romney/Ryan White House will be one where victims of rape and incest have access to an abortion.  Problem is, Romney's running mate, the man that is one breath away from being president holds the same views on abortion that Mr. Legitimate Rape (Todd Akin) holds, Paul Ryan was a co-signer on Todd Akin's bill which would have outlawed abortion in all cases except for FORCIBLE RAPES....are not all rapes forcible?

Todd Akin has shown us that the King has no clothes, has shown America that on this important issue where over 67 percent Americans support victims of rape and incest having access to abortions that the entire Republican Party, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are out of touch with the will of the people...if they are out of touch on this important social issue, what other issues are they out of touch on?