Friday, August 10, 2012

Dream Act SHOULD NOT Be Part Of Democratic Platform At Convention

Watching CNN this morning saw where there is a push amoung those in the Democratic Party who support AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens to see the Dream Act and its passage put into the Democratic Convention Platform...I disagree strongly with this position, and find it more than unsettling that either party panders to a group (any group) that represents the agenda of criminals, and like it or not, illegal aliens (especially those who are employed in America) are criminals, repeat offenders who deserve what the law calls for, which is deportation back to their home countries.

Sadly, the Latino community and the tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country have so far successfully made the issue of illegal immigration one of race and human rights when it is actually a matter of law, a matter of seeing that America for all Americans and citizens of the world is a "Nation of Laws", rather than a nation that enforces laws only when it is convenient to enforce them.  Federal laws as written should require strict enforcement of our immigration laws, with both border and interior enforcement.  Further, our laws dictate that ANYONE hiring illegal aliens is also breaking the law, and enforcing those laws against employers, be they individuals or companies would see the job magnet that attracts illegal aliens shut off, and if there are no jobs for those in America illegally, then they for the most part will SELF DEPORT.

“…Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States, and how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States. It also provides the means by which certain aliens can become legally naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation’s border, determining who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave.

Making the Dream Act a part of the Democratic National Convention Platform might appease and placate the supposed Latino voting block, but how many non Latino voters sitting on the fence will see such inclusion of the Dream Act as cause to reconsider their vote in what will be a close race for the White House.  7.5 Million illegal aliens hold down jobs in the American economy, while some 16 million legal American citizens are out of work or under employed...many of those unemployed Americans would be working now if our government (local, state and federal) were doing their jobs, were enforcing our laws on the books.  So far, special interest groups representing illegal aliens and corporate interest who want cheaper wages have been able to convince politicians to cater to the agenda of those who support AMNESTY for illegal aliens...including the Dream Act in the Democratic Convention Platform could change that as Main Street Americans standing on unemployment lines say, "ENOUGH ALREADY".

Lets make America a nation of laws for everyone by ENFORCING OUR LAWS, and lets stop kowtowing to a criminal element (illegal aliens) by including in the Democratic National Convention Platform endorsement of the Deam Act which is AMNESTY by any other name.