Monday, August 27, 2012

Rainy Day Monday Local "News On The Run"

Watching out my window as rain falls upon our small hamlet washing away some of the dust that seems to come along with the traffic which often times races through our small community.

This past weekend saw Ed's Mountaindale Inn play host to the "Talking Machine" two person was a great night of musical entertainment, and the food was incredible.  I had the prime rib with the French onion soup as an appetizer, and delicious does not do the prime rib justice.  The Mountaindale Inn is now offering a full service dinner menu every Friday night from 5-10...stop by and enjoy a great meal.  

Saturday night, a regular visitor to our hamlet, and an employee at Uccelli's restaurant was involved in a serious car accident.  Rachael Wiener luckily escaped serious injury when the car she was in flipped several times.  Luckily she escaped with what could be considered minor injury...a concussion, some scratches, scraps and bruises.  We hope to see her up and walking around soon, and wish her a speedy recovery.

Talks are underway to form a Mountaindale Tenants Association (MTA)...look for an announcement soon about attending an informational/formation meeting.  Tentative plans are to hold the meeting in mid September, and if interest warrants, elect officers at an October meeting.  Anyone renting residential or commercial property within the geographical area of the hamlet of Mountaindale is eligible to join.  The organization's primary focus will be to lend assistance to renters who find themselves in a dispute with their landlords, and to provide information on tenants rights to people renting, or thinking or renting in Mountaindale.

Robert Uccelli's Mountain Charm Deli and Cafe officially opened for business, and the place seems to be fairly busy.  There is a nice selection of necessities, and deli sandwiches made to order...been in a few times myself, and the only complaint I have is the place needs some air a brief discussion with Robert, been assured that the A/C issue is being addressed.  So, if you need a cup of coffee on your way to work in the morning, stop by and say hello...Mountain Charm opens at 6:30 AM each and every morning of the week.

Don't forget...this Wednesday is Open Mic Night at the Mountaindale Inn...see everyone there.