Monday, April 18, 2011

All (un)Natural Gas Companies Employing Hydraulic Fracking USE Carcinogenic Agents

A new Congressional Report informs us that14 LEADING companies used 780 MILLION GALLONS of Hydraulic Fracking fluids from over 2500 different products which together contained 750 chemicals and components, most of which ARE EXTREMELY TOXIC and CARCINOGENIC, including both lead and benzene.

1.  Keep in mind, this is only FOURTEEN Natural Gas/Oil companies here.  What is the entire INDUSTRY TOTAL for these lethal cancer causing, birth defects causing, health destroying chemicals that are being so casually dumped into our communities?

2.  Keep in mind, that the Natural Gas Industries own PROPAGANDA says that most times less than one percent of the Fracking Materials are anything but WATER and, lets just assume here, that 60 percent of the remainder to get to 100 percent is WATER.  That would mean these fourteen companies also used FORTY FIVE BILLION GALLONS OF WATER in fracking their wells. 

It is bad enough that these companies are dumping LETHAL (as in death causing) chemicals into our lands, polluting our environment, threatening our health, but the problem MAGNIFIES when you start putting two plus two together.  Think about it...FORTY FIVE BILLION gallons of water, that once mixed with the sand and LETHAL CHEMICALS is now POLLUTED, and LETHAL as well.  Imagine over time that LETHAL CONCOCTION perculating up through to your WATER SUPPLY! mind you, the LANDMAN will tell you FRACKING HAS NEVER BEEN PROVED TO CONTAMINATE YOUR yourselves a favor, and REWORD THE QUESTION! 

"Uhhh...golly gee there Mr. Landman, that sure is reassuring to know, so can you tell me then, IF FRACKING has never been proved to contaminate ground water, what about everything else involved in Natural Gas Extraction...has ANY OF THAT ever contaminated peoples WATER SUPPLY?"

I would encourage ALL OUR READERS to go read the report, Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing (pdf), which came to be when SERIOUS CONCERNS about the unscrupulous practices of the Natural Gas companies saw CONGRESS (Republicans and Democrats) conduct an investigation on fracking and its SERIOUS NEGATIVE impact on US water quality...said report was launched by "Committee on Energy and Commerce" in February 2010.

So that you can know who these vile scum...I mean these companies are, here is the list.

Basic Energy Services (In THEIR OWN WORDS!) Management does recognize that by the very nature of its business, material costs could be incurred in the near term to bring Basic into total compliance. The amount of such future expenditures is not determinable due to several factors including the unknown magnitude of possible contamination, the unknown timing and extent of the corrective actions which may be required, the determination of Basic’s liability in proportion to other responsible parties and the extent to which such expenditures are recoverable from insurance or indemnification.

So, THEY ADMIT ENVIRONMENTAL HARM...but it is OK...we have insurance, and other responsible parties, so we can cover the bet.
BJ Services What to say about this company, that seems as bad if not worse than Halliburton...One of the world's largest oilfield services companies continued to tell U.S. EPA it was complying with an agreement barring the injection of diesel fuel near drinking-water aquifers, documents show, after admitting to Congress that it had violated the pact...Do read MORE.

Calfrac Well Services  Lets just share the PDF to one lawsuit...if you are thinking of letting the Natural Gas industry FRACK YOUR LAND, you are ENCOURAGED TO READ this document.

Complete Production Services

Frac Tech Services  We have already informed our readers in another article on this blog that this company admits in their year end report that their operations POSE SERIOUS THREAT TO THE ENVIRONMENT...Green Fold and investment portfolios should consider divesting themselves of any holdings of this and ALL COMPANIES involved in FRACKING in the opinion of this author.

Halliburton Do we really need to give you a link, do we really need to say anything more than Dick Cheney?

You get the idea...these companies ALL WANT US TO BELIEVE them when they say, "Trust us, let us police ourselves, and COULD YOU SIGN THIS LEASE so we can frack your land.

Key Energy Services


Sanjel Corporation


Superior Well Services

Trican Well Service

Universal Well Services


We strongly encourage our readers to let these companies know what is ON YOUR them up, write them a letter, tell them you are tired of them FLOUTING the laws and regulations meant to keep us, our water and our families SAFE and HEALTHY.
From the Article...a partial CHEMICAL LIST

Amoung the many toxic chemical components used, methanol topped the list. It is a hazardous air pollutant as well as a candidate for regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA), and was used in 342 of 652 different fracking products. Second on the toxic chemicals list was ethylene glycol, used in 119 fracking products. It is also a hazardous air pollutant. Known carcinogenic agents used were diesel, naphthalene, formaldehyde, thiourea, nitrilotriacetic acid, benzene, Di (2-ehtylhexyl) phthalate, acrylamide, acetaldehyde, ethylene oxide, lead, and propylene oxide. Another high-volume chemical component used in fracking is 2-butoxyethanol (2-BE). It is known to cause hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and damage to the spleen, liver, and bone marrow. Between 2005 and 2009, the 14 companies combined to inject 21.9 million gallons of products containing 2-BE into the fracking process. Texas led the way with the highest volume of fracking fluids containing 2-BE, with 12,031,734 gallons, according to the report. Rounding out the top five states, in gallons, were Oklahoma (2,186,613), New Mexico (1,871,501), Colorado (1,147,614), and Louisiana (890,068).

Another MUST READ...EPA Fracturing Study Guide Draft