Friday, April 29, 2011

Natural Gas Flowback-A MUST READ REPORT for All Anti Fracking FOLKS

As an Activist, one of the reasons why I love Twitter, is it levels the playing field a bit, allows people in a common cause from different parts of the country to share important news, provide links to articles and/or reports we all in a given movement should read.  Today is one of those moments when Twitter provided such an opportunity.  From Dallas paper, would encourage you all to read the article:
New Study From Gas Drilling Activists Gathers Decade of Industrial Woes in the Barnett Shale

This is a very well written article about a study/report put together by Texas Oil & Gas Accountability Project on the various problems and health issues caused by the natural gas industry in extracting gas from the Barnett Shale Play.  I would strongly encourage every activist with a blog or a website to link to the report:

Natural Gas FLOWBACK...this is a MUST READ REPORT for all those opposed to need to sign into Facebook to download the PDF.