Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Marines Being Sent To Their Death in Nuclear Suicide Mission?

Are our Marines being sent on a suicide mission at the dying nuclear reactors in Japan?  In a word, yes. The world is being duped, not just by TEPCO and the nation of Japan, but by the United Nations, various world governments, including our own United States government, the NRC and even President Obama...the world environment, and our collective world human health IS AT RISK, and we are not being told the truth.

Organizations like the IAEA, NEI and the entire nuclear industry, even Wall Street and the World Bank just have too much invested in a Nuclear Renaissance to admit the industry has failed us, has threatened our very existence.  To them it is dollars and cents, to them it is all about keeping the economy running so that their pockets continue to feel the jingle of our coins...the truth about the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant would end that, expose far too many powerful people for the liars, cheats and thieves  that they are.  They all knew these risks were real, painted those of us who tried to spread the truth as heretics, anti-nuclear zealots out to destroy a SAFE VIABLE ENERGY SOURCE, even though they knew said energy source had the power to end the world as we know it.  Well, when is enough enough?  When is the curtain going to be pulled back to expose TRUE REALITY?

This blog is about FRACKING...why can't we as lower and middle class citizens wake up to the truth...Fracking is the same raping of our environment that coal mining was in states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.  Fracking is the same destructive force as Strip Mining was, with the same false promises of wealth being repeated again.  Fracking is nuclear energy, a force of evil who's true damage to our health and our environment will not be seen till long after the Natural Gas is gone, the gold distributed to the money changers, with us left holding the bag, our Safe Drinking Water gone, our lands destroyed...look at the crumbling reactor site, look at the radiated water being dumped into our world oceans, look at radioactive particulates that in weeks have already traveled the globe, contaminating food sources here in America.  When is enough enough...when do we DEMAND THE TRUTH?

Our Marines are about to be sent ON A SUICIDE MISSION...will we as a population still REMAIN SILENT, will we remain quiet sheep being lead off to slaughter? When is enough enough...what will it take for us to raise our voices in anger, what will it take for us to throw off our chains and take back control from those who have lied to us for far to long? What does it take for us to SAVE OUR WORLD from the Money Changers and Political WHORES in the Halls of Congress? Someone's father, or child, or grandchild who was raised to love America, raised to SERVE OUR COUNTRY is about to be sent into a DYING REACTOR on a suicide mission...TELL ME, when is enough enough?

AP - Wearing gas masks and baggy gray suits, a special U.S. Marine Corps unit trained to rescue people in chemical, biological or nuclear emergencies held drills Saturday with Japanese counterparts, standing ready to help out if needed around the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant.