Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Event Reminders, and Mini Grant Opportunity.

The sun is shining outside as evening makes its way into our lives, the week is waning, and wanted to bring a couple of reminders and a opportunity to the attention of our residents and business owners.


1. Saturday, we will have our first community clean up/maintenance day here in Mountaindale from 2-5 PM (April 30th)

2. Don't forget starting this coming Tuesday May 1st Aerobic Cadio Belly Dancing is coming to town from 6:30-7:45 PM on a weekly basis.

Small Business/Entity Mini Grants From Sullivan Renaissance

Sometimes, something sticks in your of those things sees us here in Mountaindale reaching out to our various business owners in the hopes of seeing all of us as a community kicking it up a notch with the help of Sullivan Renaissance. Our committee, the Mountaindale Community Development Project has sent out the following email on the Sullivan Renaissance Mini Grants Program.

Dear Mountaindale Business Neighbors,

For the moment anyway, the rain has stopped & the sun is shining, the grass is green & verdant and I can see brilliant yellow daffodils from my office windows. This makes me think about how beautiful our Main Streets will look in a few weeks when we put the flower planters out. However, what if we were to work together to kick things up a notch? Sherwood pointed out to me that Sullivan Renaissance is offering $200 Mini Grants that can be used for a business' storefront beautification. I am attaching a copy of the description & application to see if we might work in a coordinated effort to garner a few of these so that we have a very dynamic display this year. For example, what if some of the funding went toward lush hanging baskets in front of all the businesses that could be started from seeds in the greenhouse? Plz let me know if you would consider this initiative for us to work on cooperatively & then Sherwood & I will help us to submit for a few grants and we'll see what kind of an impact we might make w/ a collaborative effort over the next several months.

BTW, we are starting our maintenance work this Saturday from 2 - 5 PM & would love to see you as volunteers either behind the school or at one of our other community flower beds. Tea & homemade cookies will be served as light refreshments.

Thank you all!