Friday, April 15, 2011

Because True Blue Blog Probably Will Not Post My Comment


The NATGAS ACT has been introduced to Congress, and it seeks to stack the deck in favor of the (un)Natural Gas industry by limiting our choices when it comes to purchasing an alternative energy vehicle...IE, it gives incentives for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), but not similar Propane powered vehicles.   The True Blue Blog published an entry on the event, to which I posted commentary...that is MODERATED, and will more than likely not get published as the Natural Gas industry and their PAID BLOGGERS try to present a falsely rosy picture of public, realizing that reality, I have taken the liberty of posting their article below with MY RESPONSE.

NGVs Take the Hill

Driving Clean, Saving Green
Congressmen, thought leaders, industry experts…and natural gas vehicles (NGVs) all convened this morning at the NGVs Take the Hill event.  Showcased at this unique gathering were state-of-the-art natural gas fleet vehicles, compact cars, a school bus and even a natural gas fueling station.
NGVs Take the Hill 3 225x300 NGVs Take the Hill
T. Boone Pickens lead the charge with his remarks (Self Serving lies of a BILLIONARE OIL MAN) about what will surely be his legacy: America’s energy future and how natural gas is driving the change to cleaner transportation (while raping rural lands, destroying our communities, and poisoning our water supplies). He applauded Congressman John Sullivan (R-OK), Dan Boren (D-OK), John Larson (D-CT) and Kevin Brady (R-TX)  for co-sponsoring the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions (NAT GAS) Act of 2011. (the acronym says it all...the NATGAS Act was introduced because these politicans WERE BOUGHT the old saying goes, FOLLOW THE MONEY.)

“It’s a national security issue more than anything else,” said Rep. Sullivan. “But it is also about the environment, the economy and American jobs.” (National Security is code on their patriotism, and we can get away with RAPING THEIR LANDS, POISONING THEIR WATER while we make BILLIONS off the gas under their properties, and be GONE before they can prove it is us...besides, it does not matter....we make sure all the leases are owned by LLC shell companies with profits funneling up to the untouchable mother ships.)

That could not be more accurate. Approximately 98 percent of the natural gas we use in this country comes from right here in North America. (Site your willing to bet that your 98 percent figure is a FABRICATED LIE!) So, why are we importing more than 10 million barrels of oil each day – much of it from countries whose interests are not aligned with our own? (Why are companies like Chesapeake Energy selling American Natural Gas as fast as they can package up the leases.....very similar to what banking industry did selling mortgages in bundles...most of these sales to FOREIGN COMPANIES owned wholly by foreign governments.  See their 6 BILLION DOLLAR deal with CNOOC.) The 154 cosponsors of the NAT GAS Act believe it is time for a change. And shifting our reliance from foreign sources of energy to our own vast domestic supplies of clean natural gas will advance our national security and create clean energy jobs here at home.  (If this is a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE....nationalize the resource, and forbid its shipment OUTSIDE OF AMERICA.)

Greater adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel can also significantly improve air quality in communities across the country. (This is a LIE...over a 20 year period, (un)Natural Gas will leave a bigger carbon footprint, contribute more to Global Warming than COAL.) Consider this. Transportation accounts for 30 percent of U.S. CO₂emissions and NGVs run 25 percent cleaner than vehicles powered by traditional gasoline or diesel.  (Lets talk CRADLE TO GRAVE...lets talk about the radioactive particulates you want to discharge into our waterways and ground water/potable water supplies, lets talk about METHANE.) The energy savings don’t stop there. Converting a single waste truck from diesel to natural gas is the pollution-reduction equivalent of removing as many as 325 cars from the road.

America has to make a change. The solution – natural gas – is the only fuel alternative that can drive that change while increasing energy security, reducing harmful emissions and creating clean energy jobs. (AT WHAT COST?  Stay  AWAY FROM OUR RURAL LANDS...we are tired of being raped in the name of your profits, and in the name of National Security...funny how that last one always seems to mirror CORPORATE INTERESTS.

  1. Fracktoid says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Suppose the unethical and dishonest behaviors of your industry leaders (BP America, Cabot, Devon) should simple be ignored? Supposed the VASTLY LARGE contribution to Global Warming (un)Natural Gas is should be ignored? Suppose you and vile venomous demon-spawn like yourself want rural communities to accept your raping of our lands through the use of FRACKING, want us to allow you to ruin our SAFE DRINKING WATER in the name of National Interests while the (un)Natural Gas Industry sells vast quantities of the gas leases in the Marcellus Shale to foreign held companies like CNOOC, which is fully owned by the Chinese government….tell me, how does selling our national gas off to foreign lands end our dependence on foreign oil….this is a scam all away around, with Washington DC politicians already sucking at the teat of your industries corruption and bribes.


    As we expected, True Blue Natural Gas is not interested in OPEN DIALOGUE, but instead only wants to act as a PROPAGANDA SOURCE for the industry, silencing the voice of those who are the victims of (un)Natural Gas, refusing to publish any comment that does not sing the praises of Natural Gas.