Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Belly Fit on Tuesdays

“Momma’s got a brand new bag” and it starts on Tuesday, May 3rd at 62 Main Street in Mountaindale. The new experience is called Belly Fit. These classes will join the other already successful health & fitness courses offered weekly on Main Street. This includes martial arts at Upstate Karate of Mountaindale Sunday –Thurs, Zumba on Mon & Wed, and Yoga at Radiant Yoga on Tues & Thurs – Sun. But, what, one might ask is Belly Fit? These Tuesday night classes will be taught by Ahleana, who has been studying Middle Eastern dance for over 20 years. She has artfully combined gentle, light aerobic moves with traditional belly dancing techniques to create a fun cardio workout, set to Middle Eastern Pop music and rhythms.

Students will enjoy a warm up, stretching and learn invigorating choreographed combinations and routines. “Belly dancing,” says Ahleana, “provides not only body toning, but also an important connection to the dancer's inner femininity. There is the chance to bond with other women, to dress up, and to feel beautiful.” Participants should wear comfortable, slightly form fitting clothing. Jingly hip scarves are encouraged and can be purchased at the studio right before class. Sessions will run from 6:30 to 7:45PM and the class fee is $10/class. All of Ahleana's proceeds go to help animals in need of food or medical care. To enjoy this exotic art form as a way to exercise and build self-confidence, please call (845) 436-8945 to reserve a space in the Mountaindale Belly Fit first class.