Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hydraulic Fracturing Going On In New York During Moratorium with NY DEP PERMISSION

Whoever says we have a Moratorium on Natural Gas Exploration deploying FRACKING within the Marsellus Shale here in NY, on some level, are not stating a completely accurate case.  The NY DEP has approved some limited fracking....specifically in Oswego County at the Ross 1 well.  You can read a very interesting and disturbing Power Point presentation here (downloadable PDF file).  The company involved is Gastem USA, and one's eyebrows raise from the start with the title of the document which is "Environmental Concerns and Mitigating Actions, Oswego NY".  The company DEFACTO makes a tacit admission that their drilling/fracking activities will do harm to the environment that will require mitigation efforts, and the NY DEP, even though the rules have not been fully written and approved (Final Draft GEIS) went ahead On October 25,2010 gave this company permission to FRACK.

First question one has to ask themselves, "Has the NY DEP been doing nothing more than giving concerned citizens and environmental groups LIP SERVICE, while working behind the scenes with the Natural Gas industry to give them JUST WHAT THEY WANT?"  Their approval of Gastem's proposal to Hydraulically FRACTURE the Marcellus Shale formation in Oswego County would suggest this is the case.  This would not be the first time that NY DEP is talking out of both sides of its mouth...all one has to do is look at the unlicensed/permitted water discharge canal at the problem plagued Indian Point nuclear reactor, look at NY DEP's refusal to use their enforcement abilities to shut down the reactors, and you have proof positive that NY DEP too often tells the public one thing, while behind the scenes they are cooperating with law breaking polluters.  

Secondly, what about those environmental concerns...well, we could talk about the almost 39,000 gallons of contaminated backflow that was disposed of at the local Watertown disposal facility...fact is, that facility was not built and designed to handle Fracturing Contaminated Waste Waters.    Additionally, are some of the things they were testing for PRE-DRILLING, as it gives one a eye into just what kinds of contaminants property owners and neighbors can expect as full drilling of the Marcellus Shale moves forward...the first one this writer noticed as an anti-nuclear grassroots activist was strontium...a cancer causing radionuclide  carcinogen that collects in the bones that many believe has contributed to the increase in childhood cases of leukemia.  Other carcinogens of concern include chromium, lead and about a lethal cocktail meant to kill almost any living creature or thing over wonder FRACKED lands are coming up with three legged blind cows, and citizens who are getting sick.
Would love to have NY DEP come to this blog and explain themselves, explain why Gastem's proposal was approved during a time where we are supposed to have a Moratorium on Fracking in New York's Marcellus Shale.

Other examples of this company being ALLOWED TO FRACK with NY DEP approval.  Maybe a peaceful mass protest should be organized at the well site...let me know your opinions.