Monday, April 18, 2011

Natural Gas MAGIC SHOW-A must see CARTOON

A friend of mine sent me the above cartoon on fracking...

It says SO MUCH about the vile industry that is bent on destroying our lands, poisoning our drinking water in the name of profits, while at the same time wrongly playing on peoples hopes, dreams and patriotism to get their signature on a lease.  Lets dispel some of the myths the industry puts out to us.

1.  Natural Gas is clean and is not.  Over a 20 year period, Natural Gas is perhaps dirtier than coal, but more importantly, the methane makes it a larger contributor to GREEN HOUSE GASES that cause Global Warming/Climate Change.

2.  Natural Gas Fracking will not poison your water, there has never been one case of ground water being damaged by fracking...this is not true, or at best a HALF TRUTH.  Fracking STARTS THE CHAIN OF EVENTS THAT WILL POISON YOUR WATER.  If you are hit by a bus, but die from internal bleeding, the Natural Gas folks would have you believe that a BUS CANNOT KILL YOU.

Look for more of these smaller articles in the says and weeks to come...please link to them, or put them on your own ANTI FRACK SITES.