Friday, April 8, 2011

NY Conservatives Ready To Sell Their Souls and Our Environment to the Demon Spawn Landmen Who Represent Marcellus Shale Gas Interests Such as Chesapeake Energy

In what is not a big surprise, the rabid foaming of the mouth right wing religious zealots who want to take away women's rights to pass a budget in Washington DC have their local groups busy as well...trying to steal a bit of thunder created with the Anti-Fracking groups planned March on Albany this coming Monday April 11th, the Hudson River Valley Conservatives have issued a memo to the press basically saying, "Drill Baby Drill".  They apparently are far more interested in EASY FAST MONEY than they are about peoples health, about peoples home values.  Are more interested in sleeping with the (un)Natural Gas industry than protecting our Clean Drinking Water, and pristine natural beauty.


Party Position:  According to the Department of Labor, as of February 2011, the upstate non-metro counties in New York have a 10% rate of unemployment.  New York needs jobs and New York needs energy.  Exploring and extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale provides both.

At what cost NY Conservative Party?  Is your greed blinding you to the dangers of Hydraulic Fracking in our rural communities, or is it that you just never cared?

Hydraulic fracturing was first used 100 years ago and in 1949, the first commercial fracturing was preformed (By scum bag environmental raper Halliburton).  For 40 years, geologists and engineers perfected the process and by so doing, it has brought new life to old oil and gas wells and has made it an integral part of our energy strategy.

Even the Natural Gas industry admits there are some SERIOUS RISKS to this technology.  Look at the damage done to Pittsburgh Clean Drinking Water supplies as example of the risks.  What happens to the New York state economy if say FRACKING despoils and poisons the fresh drinking water supply for NYC?
More than 30 state and federal regulatory agencies have studied the industry and have concluded that the technology is safe and well regulated.

The above statement is a categorical LIE!
Geologist Gary Lash, a professor at SUNY-Fredonia and Terry Englander, a geosciences professor at Penn State estimated that the Marcellus might contain more than 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and that with the horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing methods used in the Barnett Shale of Texas, approximately 10% might be recovered.  Just 10% would be enough to supply the entire United States for two years!, you would RUIN OUR LANDS, poison our waters, destroy property values ALL FOR TWO YEARS OF GAS?  We are truly seeing how sick and twisted New York's Conservative party really is if they are willing to do this much damage for two years worth of (un)Natural Gas.
In 2006, the Barnett Shale of Texas was responsible for creating 55,385 permanent new jobs and it is estimated to have contributed $491 million to Texas and $228 to local governments.  It is also estimated that by 2015, the Barnett Shale may be responsible for more than 108,000 jobs in the area.  While some lawsuits have been filed in Texas, those who do not own the mineral rights under their property file the most complaining about eyesores and noise, safety has not been the issue.

Maybe these Conservatives should A) watch Gasland, and B) Get a heart transplant, as it is obvious their own has ceased to function.  Would challenge them to prove their SPURIOUS remarks above.
Simply put:  Hydraulic fracturing means jobs and energy for New Yorkers.

Curious NY Conservatives....have you even bothered to see how much of OUR NATURAL GAS reserves here in NY and across America have already been sold to FOREIGN INTERESTS...go look and see how much of our Natural Gas is OWNED BY CHINA just through CNOOC.

It is time to put people back to work and to become less dependent on others for our energy needs.  Hydraulic fracturing is certainly not a new concept and the newest technology has made it possible for the relatively safe extraction of natural gas.

OMG....notice how dastardly SNEAKY the NY Conservative Party is....blah blah blah through the whole memo, then they HEDGE THEIR BET with the words above, " the newest technology has made it possible for the relatively safe extraction of natural gas."  RELATIVELY SAFE...can you tell us your DEFINITION of relatively DISGUST ME.

What are we waiting for?