Friday, April 8, 2011

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster -TEPCO ,AREVA,nuclear industry , NEI, NRC hidding truth?

The TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is the worst environmental/mental health accident mankind HAS EVER SEEN. So why are TEPCO, Areva, NEI, NRC and ALL WORLD GOVERNMENTS hiding this truth from the citizens of the world?  In this much watch video found on YouTube, a nuclear expert step by step explains why this disaster is the worst disaster in the world, far more catastrophic than Chernobyl ever thought about being.  Areva for instance will privately admit this, but publicly (to SAVE THE NUCLEAR RENAISSANCE) is spinning the disaster, flat out hiding some details, and lying about others.  WAKE UP WORLD...DEMAND THE TRUTH....your lives, the lives of your children DEPEND UPON IT.