Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Their Own Annual Report Frac Tech Services Admits THEIR SERVICES POSE RISK

Shale Gas Drilling-We Will Kill Your Water
OK, no one wants to listen to the words of a long haired RADICAL FRINGE ENVIRONMENTALIST...I mean we are tree huggers, eat Tofu, and wear funny looking shoes.  So, don't listen too us when it comes to the issue of Hydraulic Fracturing...INSTEAD, READ THE WORDS PRINTED IN THE ANNUAL REPORT of a major supplier of High Pressure Hydraulic Fracturing to the (un)Natural Gas Industry...they come right out and ADMIT their operations POSE RISKS to our soils, and our water.  (Frac Tech Services...Chesapeake Energy owns a stake in this company)
Our operations pose risks of environmental liability, including leakage from our operations to surface or subsurface soils, surface water or groundwater.