Monday, April 11, 2011

Pa Shale Gas Incentives (The Great Rich White Republican Lie) Coming To a State Near You

The Beauty FRACKING Will Steal Away
First, political correctness is killing if the title of this article, the tone of the writing offends someone, do apologize in advance. Politics in America is still a white, rich mans sport (White Privilege should be changed to RICH WHITE PRIVILEGE, or just RICH PRIVILEGE) for the most part, and if you do not believe me look at some simple facts.  At every level of government, we have more millionaires and billionaires than ever before, most of them stuffed shirt white men who have bought themselves a SEAT AT THE TABLE.  In New York, we have Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg as a perfect example...when he wanted to stay in office longer, he used his MONEY to change the law.  Our current President is expected to spend a billion dollars trying to get re-elected in 2012, and if his silver tongued self promoting self is too be believed, goofy haired Billionaire wheeler dealer man Donald Trump is going to run for the office of President himself.  

Secondly, because I want to set the stage, and voicing just my own opinion here, prejudice and bigotry are expertly manipulated tools of the UBER RICH used to keep our collective focus off of themselves, and on each other as we seek someone to blame for our own plight...maybe, just maybe it is time for those in the middle and lower class to realize our problems are caused not by peoples of a different race, color or sexual orientation, but by those holding well over ninety percent of America's wealth, while expecting us far too often to work for slave wages, while our taxes are used to subsidize the industries of the UBER RICH, with (un)Natural Gas just the lastest example of how our land, communities, water and health are attacked in the name of WEALTH BUILDING, the people in power thinking nothing about visiting Environemental Racism on those communities who cannot AFFORD TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

There is a blog article talking about Republicans in Pennsylvania keeping Pennsylvania Shale Gas in the state to benefit the people of the state through a set of incentives (paid for with YOUR TAXES).   Though the number will grow, right now over $47 Million state tax dollars would go to support the Shale Gas industry, and their building of infrastructure...this, even though lunatic Governor Corbett and his Robber Barons are refusing to tax even ONE DROP of the (un)Natural Gas coming out of the state.  These incentives, the package of seven House bills, known as Marcellus Works, would use tax credits and grants to expand the number of natural gas-powered vehicles on the state's roads, the theory being more Natural Gas vehicles would thus keep more of the Natural Gas at home in Pennsylvania.  Another part of the bill would provide money to the industry to build (un)Natural Gas stations all along the Pennsylvanian Interstate system...could someone explain to all us poor people why our taxes are being given to UBER RICH PEOPLE to use to build gas stations to sell us gas they took/stole from our lands?

These incentives MAKE NO SENSE...more importantly, they are based on a FALSE PROMISE.  Supposedly, these incentives will keep Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Gas in Pennsylvania.  Do this dishonest politicians do ANY HOMEWORK AT ALL?  Do they know, are they aware of just how much of our American Shale Gas leases have already been sold to FOREIGN INTERESTS, with the largest purchaser of our Shale Gas resources being none other than COMMUNIST CHINA, who also happens to be the holder of most of our American Government's DEBT.  

If any one is foolish enough to believe China (through wholly owned companies like CNOOC) is buying up massive mineral, gas and oil rights as just a good investment, you are either A) living under a rock, or B) devoid of patriotism, and caring only about lining your own pockets with GOLD...most politicians fall into this later category.  China has a population of BILLIONS, and their people have gotten a taste for this flawed MASS CONSUMPTION economic model that is raping the earth, and with every passing day, the citizens of China are demanding more and more access to goods, and in that demand consuming an every increasing amount of the Earth's dwindling stockpile of natural resources, and the Central Communist Committee in China is doing everything in their power to corner the market on the world's most precious (and limited) natural resources, both Gas and Oil being on that list.

Would like to have some of these politicians explain to us how incentives to keep our resources at home is not MONEY DOWN A RAT HOLE, when these same politicians are doing NOTHING to keep companies like Cabot and Chesapeake Energy to buy up leases, bundle them and sell them off to foreign companies like so much graffiti as the (un)Natural Gas industry races down the same road of despair that the Home Mortgage business ran down not that long ago.  We do not need Natural Gas welfare, do not need to be offering incentives that make no sense.  We need ENFORCEMENT, and we need laws that PRESERVE America's resources FOR AMERICANS...a simple fact that the Natural Gas industry cannot refute, "If a national law were passed tomorrow nationalizing America's Shale Gas reserves for reasons of National Security, if that law forbid the outsourcing of this commodity, the BOTTOM WOULD INSTANTLY FALL OUT OF THE AMERICAN NATURAL GAS MARKET"...why?  Because what is driving the industry is not our own market here at home, but the world demand for what will soon be a scarce resource.

So far, politicians and the Natural Gas industry have just what they want...local governments, state capitals and Washington DC paying lip service to their constituents while PAVING THE ROAD of the Natural Gas industry with Gold (with our taxes) while locally, we have neighbors fighting neighbors, as one group hopes to cash in, get a small slice of the pie, while the other fights to preserve our lands, water, environment and health. It is time that WE WAKE UP...time that we stop letting the UBER RICH manipulate us, pit us one against the other, and instead start looking at the true root of our problems here in America...a system gone bad, a government that no longer listens to and represents the will of the people.

200 plus years ago we rose in protest (Boston Tea Party) over taxation without representation, fought a war to gain our Independence from England.  Now, two centuries later, we have lost our way, are so stuck in our own morass to be bothered with problems larger than ourselves.  If we want to see true democracy in action in 2011, we have to look to the Middle East where average every day people are joining together in common goals, in a unified voice as they throw off their own chains of oppression.  Natural Gas and all that it represents is the POSTER CHILD of just what is wrong right now in America, and we are running out of time to stop this runaway train, running out of time to SAVE AMERICA.  

We cannot win this war, cannot stop the raping of our lands one small community at a time and the (un)Natural Gas Industry, our own politicians KNOW THIS...we need a National Movement, and played right, we have the power to MAKE THAT HAPPEN.  How many small communities have small Anti-Fracking groups and organizations fighting their own wars against Goliath, and how many of those communities ARE LOSING THE FIGHT?  What happens if we all start linking up together to form one NATIONAL ORGANIZATION, one NATIONAL MOVEMENT to fight the (un)Natural Gas industry, their lobbyists and the politicians THEY OWN?  We have the internet, we have twitter, and joined together we have the VOTERS to become a force to be reckoned with.

If this post, this message resonates with you, your group, if you are interested in working toward building and Anti-Fracking Army of grassroots volunteers please leave a comment on this post, private message me via Fracktoid News, or find me on Twitter.  Will leave you with this...if One Million concerned citizens opposed to Fracking each donated $100 to a National Organization, we would have enough to field at least fifty candidates for NATIONAL OFFICE...what kind of a game changer would it be if we sent 50 Anti Fracking Congressman into the Halls of Congress?  Love them or hate them, look at the effect Tea Party backed candidates who won Congressional Elections are having in Washington!  Isn't it time we had that kind of voice ourselves?