Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Stupidity of Bought and Paid for Governments...New Brunswick Provincial Government Claims FRACKING Has Low Environmental Impact.

Opened email this morning, and a Canadian Citizen let me the following message with a LINK to this article on his government's decision to use Natural Gas as a transition fuel/energy source.

My provincial gov't claims fracking has low environmental impact and is moving against electric heat.

Suppose the first thing that surprised me, is the ignorance of the New Brunswick government...we all know that Deep Shaft Horizontal Drilling employing Slick Water Hydraulic Fracking comes with a wide array of serious environmental and health risks associated with it.   Yesterday (April 19,2011) even President Obama admitted there are some very grave concerns when it comes to FRACKING, said IF WE DO IT HERE IN AMERICA, it has to be done in a way that WILL NOT POISON PEOPLE.  So, either the elected officials have been bought off by the Natural Gas industry, or they are just plain IGNORANT OF THE FACTS.  It is guessed here, that THEY HAVE BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.

What of the most disturbing quotes from the article came from Co-Chairman Bill is disturbing first for its GREAT LIE that the environmental impact of Natural Gas exploitation is low.  Secondly, is the new Natural Gas SALES PITCH included in his comments, "Natural Gas is a TRANSITIONAL FUEL". It is a DEAD GIVEAWAY that the lobbyist for the (un)Natural Gas industry greased palms, paid their way into being allowed to shape Government Policy.
"Because of its competitive cost in North America today, its availability and low environmental impact, natural gas should be considered the key transition fuel as we move forward, and try to move away from our traditional fuel base."

This Pro-(un)Natural Gas bias is furthered strengthened when you hear Mr. Thompsons other ideas to create FALSE DEMAND for Natural Gas, which over time will simply drive the price up to where the industry wants it to is an old trick...keep prices low/depressed while you create DEMAND, then once you have people invested in the fuel/energy source, you begin jacking up the prices.  The perfect model of this truism is OPEC.  The plan to increase demand includes (much like here in America):

  • Using (un)Natural Gas to heat public buildings.
  • Using (un)Natural Gas to run transit vehicles.
  • Building a new natural gas pipeline to connect the region with Quebec (even though only 11,000 customers out of 750,000 currently use Natural Gas).
  • Regulations to prevent the installation of electric baseboard heaters in new homes.
If you look at all this, it amounts to the Government of New Brunswick forcing citizens to financial support a industry, and a drilling technique that will negatively impact fresh water supplies, depreciate land values, and over time will shorten the lives of New Brunswick's children.  The people of New Brunswick need to wake up to the reality that their government is SELLING THEM DOWN THE RIVER.