Friday, April 8, 2011

You Know Your Government is SELLING You Out To Shale Gas When They Throw Your Tax Dollars At The Industry

For those living in the state of Pennsylvania, you already know your wolf in sheeps clothing scorched earth Governor Corbett is prepared to rape your lands, and spoil your waters.  You already know he wants to destroy STATE PARK LANDS.  Seems though he is not the only politician repaying campaign donations that came from the vile (un)Natural Gas industry.  You know your politicians are selling you out when they propose almost FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in GIVE BACKS to the (un)Natural Gas industry.  If they have their way, grants, tax incentives and other give backs will be given to any one wanting to JUMP ON THE (un)Natural Gas BAND WAGON, who wants to convert their fleets to (un)Natural Gas, or open up one or more (un)Natural Gas Stations on Pennsylvania's Interstate System!  In other words, almost FIFTY MILLION dollars of your tax money will be given to those ALREADY UBER RICH....this is a US verse THEM WAR FOLKS, and it is time for the little people to STAND UP AND BE HEARD.

By the way, if all fifty states follow suit, this (un)Natural Gas Industry WELFARE Program will steer BILLIONS into the hands of THOSE FRACKING YOUR LAND!  Steer BILLIONS into the hands of those wanting to pollute your SAFE DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES, and KILL YOUR CHILDREN.