Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloomberg Ignores Court Order....Police Use Force to Empty Zuccotti Park

In what can only be described as a SNEAK ATTACK, New York's not so finest stormed Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan overnight in a scene reminiscent of Hitler Era Germany as jack booted thugs in full riot gear, used raw physical force to trash the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters camp and evict them from the park.
"...police moved in and began tearing down tents and removing the encampment, the occupiers retreated to a central area and tried to barricade themselves behind tables and scraps of wood."
Showing further contempt for the law, and our First Amendment Rights, dictator and chief of New York Michael Bloomberg claiming he had not recieved or seen a court order that was published on the New York Times website, has ignored said Court Order that gives the protesters the right to RE-OCCUPY the park they were unlawfully evicted from.

"The move in New York comes as other cities have begun cracking down on Occupy protesters, with police in Oakland, Salt Lake City and Portland, Oregon forcefully taking action against the sit-ins."

There is a hearing on the temporary court order at 11:30 this morning, so the mayor has the park blocked BY POLICE in direct violation of the order in the hopes he can get the judge to change his mind at 11:30, thus avoiding a repeat of llast nights NAZI like tactics employed by New York's supposed finest. Too harsh? Keep in mind, that it is the job of the police to ENFORCE COURT ORDERS, even if they personally disagree with them...every police officer interferring with these protesters rights at this point in time should be brought up on disciplenary charges, and FIRED FROM THEIR JOBS. They are not the private security force of Mayor Bloomberg.