Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday News on the Run

Good Morning everyone....sometimes think I should set my alarm and be up early to post this blog entry, but there is just something so delicious about lounging in late as the day's weather decides what it is it wants to do....It's overcast and hazy out, but the shadows of trees are popping in and out on the wall outside my window hinting at sunshine that may decide to pop out, which makes me think the rain of yesterday is gone, and today is going to be an unseasonably warm and beautiful day.

Attended the Hydraulic Fracturing hearing yesterday, and will be writing all about it. As a teaser will say this...the NYDEC should be ASHAMED OF ITSELF for letting hundreds of citizens stand outside in the pouring rain for almost two hours before opening the door to the building.

Today's "News on the Run"

Stock market soaring
as banks step in to ease lending...don't get excited folks, they are not making it easier for the average person to borrow money.

In Los Angeles, the police forcefully evict "Occupy Protesters" from park. If cities think this tactic is working to end the "Occupy Movement", would suggest they wait and see what happens with the coming of spring.

Britain withdrawing all Embassy staff
from has to wonder...are we closer to Israel bombing this rogue nation?

American students studying abroad told to avoid protests
...looking at all the police brutality here in America, maybe students should be warned to avoid protests in the USA.