Monday, November 28, 2011

Third Woman Coming Out To Accuse Herman Cain of Having LONG TERM AFFAIR

I did not have sex with that woman, or that one, or the other one...I AM INNOCENT I TELL YOU!

A third woman is coming out with bold sexual allegations against disgraced Presidential candidate Herman Cain...his response as we all wait on this new story to break...

"I'm's a woman who I thought was a friend...but NOTHING HAPPENED."

Give us a break there Cain...time for you to close up your campaign headquarters and go home. can we say "Three strikes and your out"? We are tired of you having an excuse for every one of these women accusers and their claims, all of them sounding the same..."The charges are baseless, I am innocent, and the women are LYING". False accusations that cannot be proved Mr. Cain, or true accusations that are hard to prove to a jury? There is far too much smoke, and from this writer's perspective, in the court of public opinion you are GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. Go home, apologize to your wife, and spend the rest of your days making up to her, as at this point we all know you are a cad.

You have to love these FAMILY VALUES candidates. Curious...if Ginger White had a thirteen year affair with Mr. Cain, isn't that in the BIG A? Can here the moral indignation of the religious right.