Monday, November 28, 2011

LA Protesters Refuse To Leave Park...Monday "News On The Run"

LA Occupy Movement Protesters defy order to leave park, stand off with police.

Polls open in Egypt as historic post spring revolt takes place.

Syracuse assistant coach fired as investigation widens...students surprised...why? That man is so guilty...just listen to the tapes.

Miley Cyrus calls herself a stoner...good for is about time we legalize marijuana and its possession for personal use.

Here in Mountaindale, we have another beautiful day outside with unseasonably warm weather greeting our day. Santa's elves were in town this weekend, and the windows in downtown have taken on quiet the festive feel, lights and decorations adorning the windows of our empty storefronts. Hats off to the MCDP for arranging the volunteers who came out to make it all happen.