Friday, November 11, 2011

Real News Unvarnished...11 11 11

It's 11 11 11...This Retaining Wall damaged in Hurricane Irene could collapse today here in Mountaindale, but probably will not. If it does, do we blame it on today, or on Hurricane Irene, or maybe on inadequate maintenance over decades?

It is just after seven in the morning here in Mountaindale, New York and the sun is shining in the sky, my coffee maker did not implode, and the world is still spinning round and round despite the fact that this is 11.11.11 or the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year twenty eleven. I am going to guess here that each of us will see one of three things happen, or a combination of those things occur.

1. Something good will happen. Feeling lucky, go play your favorite lottery numbers, or maybe decide to take the wife or girlfriend out for dinner. Who knows, something good might happen.

2. Nothing will happen. Today will be like any other day, uneventful, nothing noteworthy will happen.

3. Something bad will happen. Maybe a car accident, or perhaps an F on that test you forgot to study for. Who knows what it could be, but you can bet some people will see something bad happen today.

In short, today is pretty much like all other days, and chances are SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN, as that is what every day is about....STUFF JUST HAPPENS. I even started this blog late last night, today for those who want to split hairs, and some of you will just happen to find your way here thanks to the wonderful world wide web, and a Google search...maybe this blog is what was supposed to happen today, it's mere presence in the ether's of cyber space a momentous cosmic event destined to change our universe forever....WOW, this much be some great coffee I am drinking.

Everyone have a great 11.11.11