Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Laundry Room Etiquette in Mountaindale

The good news for Mountaindale is the population of our small hamlet is growing. The bad news for Mountaindale is our population is growing. With this latest population boom we are experiencing comes a certain stress on available services. Too relieve some of that stress requires a certain civility among those of us living here...taking the time to realize others are also using those services just as we are, making certain we are attune to their needs, just as we would want them in tune to ours.

Mountaindale has two laundry rooms, one of which is accessible to all tenants living in properties owned by Diversified Realty Services. The public laundry room has three coin op washers and dryers available for use by the tenants. So that everyone can do their laundry with as little turmoil as possible, we all need to abide by a few simple rules.

1. Try to schedule your use of the machines at a time when you can be there to swap out your laundry in a timely fashion.

2. Do not leave your laundry unattended in the machines for long periods of time. The washing machines as example have a 38-40 minute run time, so keep that in mind when you start a load. It is not a good idea to toss your laundry in and then head out for a couple hours to run errands.

3. Clean up after yourselves. When you unload the dryers, clean out the lint traps so that the machine is ready for the next person.

4. Wet clothes go in the laundry cart or inside the dryer, not on top of it.

5. If you have to remove someone's laundry from a dryer try to pile it up in a way that minimizes wrinkles.

Three washers and dryers may seem more than ample, but with our downtown apartments rapidly filling up, with ten families living in the downtown of our small hamlet, those machines can quickly fail to meet our needs if we do not all cooperate, and work together to keep the machines empty and ready for the next person to use. Before you just walk away thinking you will be right back, ask yourself how you would feel if you come into the laundry room only to find all six machines are full of clothes and sitting idle.