Sunday, November 13, 2011

America Steps Closer To Open Riots...Portland Oregon Police In Riot Gear Trying to Evict Protesters

Cops GORILLA TACTICS Fail...Protesters Win This Round in Portland
On CNN now....Portland Oregon Police in full riot gear are in a stand off as they try to use both force and intimidation to force "Occupy Wall Street" protesters to abandon their public space in one of Portland's parks....hello Portland....have you heard about the First Amendment rights of your citizens? You do not evict people from a open public space because their exercising their First Amendment Rights are an inconvenience to you and your city.

"Portland Mayor Sam Adams vowed the protesters would be forced out, but said the process it would take several days to complete."..."Hello Mr. Mayor...can you say First Amendment Right?"

As more and more cities decide to use brute force to evict citizens exercising their Civil Rights, their right to protest, one has to ponder, should citizens take steps to adequately protect themselves? Over zealous cops on horseback swinging batons, other officers firing teargas into the crowds, as other brutes in riot gear holding shields push and corral these innocent citizens into the hands of other officers who then use force to subdue and arrest innocent citizens for no other reason than they dared to protest dared to seek redress.

As the situation in Portland grows worse, as thugs masquerading as police offices prepare to lay siege to the encampment of peaceful protestors, the question must be asked..."has the time come for these protestors who are exercising their First Amendment rights to remember they also have the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms?" We the people have the right to self defense, the right too defend ourselves with whatever force is necessary to stop the attack. If the police are using water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets to stop people from exercising their rights, is it OK for these people to use whatever force they deem necessary to repel these wrongful attacks on the part of police officers?

No one likes the thought of citizens refusing the direct orders of an officer of the law, but if those orders are unjust, if those orders deny us our rights, a line must be drawn in the sand. Again we are watching live on CNN another city wrongfully attacking an innocent group of protesters, watching as Portland tries to evict innocent citizens from a park...we are watching an American powder key about to explode, and if riots do not start in Portland Oregon on this day, we are going to see them as citizens stand up and say ENOUGH.

"At 5 a.m., Police Lt. Robert King described the situation as a “static position,” but said he was concerned about escalation as daylight approached and demonstrators showed no signs of leaving.

“We are concerned this is moving toward a confrontation with police,” King said."

A word of advice to Mr. King...The Coercion tactics you and your forces are using ARE NOT RECOMMENDED tactics, and they usually backfire. This according to the Army's Civil Disturbance Operations manual linked above for static position.

1-17. Coercion dispersal is caused by the use of force at some level. This is not necessarily the best way to force the dispersal of a crowd.

The Time Line in Portland...PIGS GO HOME

6:09AM: Protesters have moved from the intersection of 3rd & madison to the parks
6:02AM: Police have ordered protesters to leave the streets and move into Chapman Square.
5:47AM: Trimet is putting up closure signs as 4th and Madison bus stop.
5:31AM: Spotlights are turned off now
5:09AM: Police motorcycles blocking 4th and Madison have left, protesters still thick in intersection at 3rd and Madison. A barricade remains at 3rd and Main, but no police there.
5:07AM: The cops are still holding position on SW 3rd & Madison and so are the people.
5:07AM: Police say the parks will not be open at 5am
4:50AM: Protesters cheering, lining up at 3rd and Madison in front of police, who are now lined up two deep.
4:49AM: Protester on bullhorn asks everyone to stay til 5:30. "what's one more hour--we seek change indefinitely."
4:41AM: LOTS of riot cops coming. Pepperspray being handed out to riot cops