Monday, November 7, 2011

November 11th-Sound Therapy and Singing Bowl Concert with Peter Blum

Celebrate the cosmic and therapeutic potential for transformation on this pivotal 11/11/11 day. Support personal and global peace.

Begin the evening with Deep and Gentle Partner Yoga (for singles too) 5:30-7 pm on the comfortable radiant-heat yoga studio floor. Follow with a delicious dinner at Uccelli's Restaurant around the corner. And, return to savor our healing concert and sound exploration with Peter 8-10 pm, as he plays his collection of bells, chimes, gongs and 35 Tibetan singing bowls. Tone and create healing sounds together; relax and meditate seated or lying down. Sound Therapy and Singing Bowl Concert: $18. RY Cardholders: $13. Yoga and Concert: $25. Reservations: (845)866-7822 or email Janet at You can find out more about Peter’s music: Sounds of Healing