Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wednesday...News On The Run

What a rainy, dreary, dismal, beautifully appropriate day before Thanksgiving. The rain has been coming down heavy since last night, and somehow, the weather forecast threatening snow and ice across parts of New York has me in quite the festive mood. The coffee is on, I have to make a run to the store, and then soon thereafter the smells of fresh pies baking in the oven will scent my whole apartment...Going to be a beautiful day today. Lets get straight to News On The Run.

Newt Gambles in Bid To Catch Romney...(hints at AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens) It should be noted here, that some of Newt's BIGGEST CAMPAIGN DONORS are part of that one percent who HIRE ILLEGAL ALIENS.

5th Day of Clashes as Egypt Grows Ugly.

Higher prices will not deter most Thanksgiving Travelers...Visiting Grandma is ON!

Occupy Protests Cost Cities Across America at Least $13 Million...GOOD, all for it. Let's see more protests, and in much larger crowds.

Oregon governor bans death penalty for rest of his term.

Iraq War Veteran now "Dancing Champion" this is a good news story!

In another wasteful photo opportunity for the White House, President Obama will be pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey later today...rumor has it the Turkey's name is "Super Committee".

Every one enjoy this day before Thanksgiving, and remember, NO SNEAKING A PIECE OF EARLY PIE!