Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Town of Fallsburg "Rails to Trails" Committee Applies For Grant

The Town of Fallsburg "Rails to Trails" Committee has spent the past few weeks racing to meet a grant deadline, are pleased to announce they have completed the necessary tasks, and have successfully gotten the application timely filed. The grant is offered by Parks & Trails New York, and if approved for the grant, the Committee will have the necessary funds for a new Trail Map/Membership brochure, be able too create a Town of Fallsburg "Rails to Trails" logo, and launch a fully interactive website.

The Parks & Trails New York "Capacity Building Grant" provides local parks and trails groups with grants of up to $3,000 to strengthen not-for-profit organizations that are working to build and protect parks and trails in communities across the state. The "Rails to Trails" Committee has paired up with Sullivan Renaissance who graciously agreed to act as our 501 (C) (3) sponsor, making it possible for us to be eligible for the "Capacity Building Grant". The committee would also like to thank our elected officials in the area, Alan Sorenson, Leni Binder, and Steve Vegliante who provided the group with letters of support. Hats off also go to the Brochure sub committee members, with special thanks to Allen Frishman.

Award recipients will be notified in mid January of 2012.