Tuesday, November 22, 2011

News On The Run...A New Daily Feature

Below is a feature started on Mountaindale NY News blog that will be featured here on this blog daily starting tomorrow. Stop by each and every day to get your daily fix of news...quick fast and concise.

Tuesday News On The Run

WOW....up early (6AM) and it is still dark outside...winter must be near. For those getting ready for the big Thanksgiving Holiday, I strongly encourage you to pick up some Hood's Pumpkin Eggnog from the store...IT IS SO GOOD. Let's get right to Tuesday's News On The Run.

Republicans screw every middle class American, Super Committee Fails...we should all boycott the Republican Debate tonight.

Situation in Egypt getting worse as fight for Tahir Square intensifies.

Turkey's Premier urges Syrian President to step down...can we say, "No fly Zone"?

Obama pays tribute to Country Music...is this really news? Second question...In these troubled economic times, should our taxes be frittered away on such parties?

Sports talk...Pats STOMP Chiefs 34-3

In local news...

Purple Heart Recipient Home for Holidays...let's always honor our troops!

Schumer Pushes For Metro North Bill of Rights...how about pushing a JOBS BILL Charlie?