Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mountaindale Thanksgiving Craft Project

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, children looking forward to a few days off, enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday, and spending time with both family and friends. Once the turkey is in the oven, a great way for kids to spend some of their time is making something for the Thanksgiving table. One of the traditions in my own family, was making Apple Turkeys to put at each place setting, and thought I would share the project here for those looking for fun things to keep the little ones amused until dinner is on the table.

Necessary Items For Project

Green Olives

Step One
-Put three toothpicks in bottom of apple for turkey legs (third one is just for support)
Step Two-Put one toothpick in front of apple, then fan out eight or so toothpicks in back of apple that will become the tail.

Step Three
-Cover toothpicks with raisins.

Step Four-Gently pull pimento almost out of olive and stick on front top toothpick as the Apple Turkeys head and gobbler.

WALLA, one decorative table addition that the kids can put by their place setting.