Thursday, November 17, 2011

New York's Finest? Not Exactly...Police Use Excessive Force During PEACEFUL Day of Action

"New York's Finest" showed the world today why some people call police officers pigs. The Occupy Wall Street protesters held a PEACEFUL Day of Action today....problem is, Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD did not get the memo.

CNN has spent the day filling the airwaves with what can only be classified as government propaganda, spinning out stories that suggest the protesters should realize they are interfering with the lives of their fellow 99'ers. Sad to think the news media who is protected by the First Amendment is suddenly suggesting the First Amendment Rights of protesters should take a back seat to Wall Street making more and more money. Sad that they have not taken some of the video off of You Tube and put it on their evening news where you can clearly see members of the NYPD using excessive force and brutality against INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS who were doing nothing more than exercising their First Amendment Freedoms.

As midnight nears on the Occupy Wall Street Day of Action, there are still thousands of protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge...a perfect end to the day would be to have these protesters at the stroke of midnight flood the bridge, closing it to all vehicular traffic. Let the police spent the rest of the night arresting our citizens, making them disappear in the middle of the night, just like in Syria. As to have truly disgusted me today.