Wednesday, January 11, 2012

60 Percent of New Hampshire Voters SAY NO TO ROMNEY

OMG...the pundits are already lined up singing "Hail Mitt Romney", proclaiming his the Republican Presidential nominee in 2012.  Never mind the FACT that 93 percent of Republican Americans HAVE NOT VOTED YET, and never mind the fact that 60 percent of voters in New Hampshire, and 75 percent of voters in Iowa voted against him, fact is (according to CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS) none of the rest of us have a say in the matter, New Hampshire and Iowa have spoken!

Now let's just suppose for a few minutes...Santorum just missed (by eight votes) beating Romney in Iowa, and Ron Paul came in a strong third, and in tonight's New Hampshire vote Paul came in a strong second with the other Mormon a decent third.  Now, what if say the moron from Texas (the other George Bush) and Newt accept their fate and fade into the I the only one who sees the possibility of things tightening up with just four candidates in the field, seeing the Republicans heading into a brokered convention where the gloves really come off, and it is any one's ballgame, including Sarah Palin, and perhaps even Joe the Plumber? OMG...imagine Ron Paul and his followers showing up for the party, right wing Republicans all with purple faces as they think to themselves, "This is not the big tent we'd envisioned, and no way are we letting any of their ideas into our platform this year."