Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CupcakeGate...TSA Needs a LIFE

Does This Look Like Bomb To You?
Americans need to stop LIVING IN FEAR, and sorry, but TSA confiscating cupcakes (even ones in a Mason Jar) is just too far over the top in KEEPING US SAFE.  Seriously, what is next in the TSA's quest to keep us safe by eliminating what we can bring onto a plane?  Maybe we should limit the size of a woman's purse, or tell men their wallets cannot be bigger than the palm of their hand, and no thicker than say 1/2 inch...I mean who knows, could a terrorist use plastic explosives disguised as CREDIT CARDS...sorry folks, no Visa or MasterCard allowed on the plane, only American Express cards, because those are only issued to rich folks, and we all know rich people are NEVER TERRORISTS.

We cannot carry cupcakes onto an airplane if they are in a Mason Jar, TSA agents there to seize them and eat them later, but full sized human beings in the form of illegal aliens can cross our Southern Border at will carrying CASES OF CUPCAKES (or bales of drugs), and that is OK?  Why do I even bother asking, of course if it OK, our dear Mr. Obama is changing the rules to give those folks AMNESTY while those flying United are being told too check their cupcakes at the door, and sorry no cans of hairspray or deodorant either, as we want to keep everyone safe while they fly.  Gestapo Airlines naked strip search with every carry on pulled aside for closer inspection and evaluation.

Seems that Rebecca's wonderful Red Velvet cake was just too much for agent [REDACTED] to just let go, and after consulting with [REDACTED], said cupcake was CONFISCATED.  For the record, if Rebecca happens to read this, stop protecting the TSA agents in this cup cake caper, and use their real names...if you do not want to, send them to me, and I will post them.  Let's identify these overly paranoid numb nuts for who they are...Cup Cake bandits looking for their break time snacks.