Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sorry For Absence, and Thursday "News on the Run"

Laying here in bed SICK AS A DOG...not sure there is anything worse than a winter cold that grabs hold of us and will not let go.  All the Nyquil, Dayquil, lozenges and netti pot washes I tried just would not beat it back this week, so am seriously under the weather here.  So, do apologize that I have not been here with my usual breaking news and events pieces.  That said, sitting here in bed with ringing ears, a pile of used Kleenex tissues, and morning coffee bringing you a Thursday edition of "News on the Run".
In news of a local flavor.  The folks at Trails and Parks New York have granted the "Rails to Trails" Committee here a grant of $2200!  Money will be used to complete and distribute  the new membership brochure, and sure there are many in the community happy to see this project finally moving forward to the finish line.  A special thanks to Adele and Allen for contributing to the work necessary to making this grant happen.  The funding grant also earmarks money for a new logo, so looking for exciting things in that area as well as our trail corridor gets branded.
Speaking of branding, some good news came up at our brochure subcommittee meeting this week.  It appears that Mountaindale's new banners (look for news on a design contest in coming issue) are still in the works, as well as some other things including new flower boxes, and it is assumed new table clothes as well.  The banners, and new flower boxes were mentioned as a part of the earmarked money that is going to be spent from MCDP's big win this past year with Sullivan Renaissance, in a discussion about money that could be spent on the trail. Exciting times for our community with all these positive improvements looming on the horizon.  In other trail news, the full "Rails to Trails" committee meets this morning at Tony's...being sick, I will be unable to attend, so if someone could call me with an update that would be great.

In other local news...Rock Hill, who came in Third last year behind Mountaindale has some BIG PLANS for 2012 when it comes to Sullivan Renaissance.  They will be parlaying win from last year, and the grant money that came with it into a major Category C application for 2012.   In full disclosure here, last year was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed working with the folks in Mountaindale on our great win, and wanted to continue my involvements with Sullivan is that wish of wanting to continue working with Sullivan Renaissance that has seen me join the Rock Hill team for 2012, and really looking forward to working with those folks.

"News on the Run"

In BIG BREAKING NEWS, seems that Rick Santorum actually WON IOWA...problem is, the Republicans in Iowa are not watnting to declare him the winner, and instead are now claiming that Iowa was a, Santorum won it by some 39 votes.  As the old saying goes, give the devil his due...Mitt rode out of Iowa a winner, claiming a BIG MO that he was not entitled too, and declaring Santorum a winner is the only RIGHT THING TO DO.

Talk about HUMAN ERROR (more like wanton and egregious negligence), seems the folks at TEPCO had accidentally cut back up power to the melted down reactor MONTHS BEFORE the Tsunami, and then NEVER HAD IT RECONNECTED...this is the kind of stuff we expect out of Entergy, the kind of stuff the NRC turns the other way on in a routine matter.

"A Kodak Moment!"...the company is BANKRUPT.  This is sad news for this old photographer who still misses the good old days of taking a handful of TriX film out into the field, then coming home and spending days down in my basement darkroom.  Much like movie rental company that fell too the likes of Netflick who got a head of the curve, Kodak jumped into the digital photography game late, wrongfully assuming that digital would never push it's way to the top of the heap...well, it did, and roll film and the developing of it is all but obsolete now days.

Obama Bitch Slaps Boehner and Republicans, rightfully rejects Keystone Project!  Doing the Snoopy dance on this one!