Tuesday, January 24, 2012

With All Due Respect President Obama FRACK OFF

Dear Mr. Obama...

With all due respect, FRACK OFF...you just lost my vote, my respect, and the right to expect me to see you as my President.  Go rape someone else's lands, contaminate someone other than myself and my community's water in the name of your National Energy Policy, in the name of the Natural Gas industry.  Times have changed, and we have heard both Dick Chaney, and Vice President Biden drop the F-Bomb...so, FUCK OFF OBAMA...you just sold out to the Natural Gas industry, just showed yourself a demon spawn of the worst kind, a Republican in Democrats clothing.

Fracking is NOT BEING DONE SAFELY, and as for the government developing the technology...you mean like the time that the DOE tried Atomic Fracking, detonating a nuclear bomb in the hopes of freeing up Natural Gas trapped underground?  The gas so contaminated as to be unusable...refined technology...the kind that contaminates our drinking water, causes untold THOUSANDS of cancer cases, but leaves the Natural Gas usable, ready to be SOLD TO CHINA.

If you think you can ruin our communities, poison our lands, spoil our waters, and visit death upon our children by clearing the road for wholesale fracking with the stroke of your pen Mr. Obama, you are wrong, and the Anti-Fractivists, those in the Occupy Movement will show you we have far more backbone for this fight than you are giving us credit for.  When you get your head out of the ass of Chesapeake Energy, Cabot oil, when you grow tired of pandering to special interests in the name of a second term, perhaps the two sides can talk, but till then, you have just put yourself in a position of BEING AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.