Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hacktivists...Beware of US Army Cyber Command

The news is racing through the ether's of cyberspace...The Department of Homeland Security is monitoring our Social Media Communications, basically infringing upon our "civil rights", threatening our "Freedom of Speech".  That news from my perspective is no news at all, it is something we all knew, or at least expected. Perhaps more alarming to hacktivists should be the US Army Cyber Command which was founded in 2010.  some "Cyber Security" experts have labeled 2012 as the year of the "Cyber War".

If one reads the McAfee  Report which forecasts cyber threats in 2012 you find disturbing ideas that require further scrutiny...for instance, would like to see the Pentagon report wherein our military says it will treat cyberspace as an "Operational Domain."  Included in said report, though little was made of it is a hint that the Department of Defense is creating a new doctrine that will highlight how the United States military will retaliate for a cyberattack, and one has to pose the question, "Will our military look to make a public demonstration of their doctrine by using our military might to go after say members of Anonymous?
(Reuters) - The Defense Department unveiled a new strategy for protecting military computer networks from hackers on Thursday, designating cyberspace as an "operational domain" U.S. forces will be trained to defend.
When you have determined individuals publishing attack codes, one can understand the worry that our military has...I mean it is their duty to protect America's corporate assets right?  God forbid that online protests using DoS are successful in shutting down say Mastercard or PayPals servers for awhile. Herein is the crux of that slippery the Pentagon's plans to make cyberspace a "Operational Domain" planned to protect military web portals and servers, or will said plans, and the force of the military be deployed to protect corporate interests and stifle free speech?  

Groups all over the world including our own "Occupy Movement" here in America use the internet, social media as an organizational tool to get their information out...could and would the United States Military shut down certain sites, or limit access in the name of "National Security"?  When one considers the new military vision for the future, when one realizes that the Pentagon sees a future where they use military assets to aid the Department of Homeland Security, the scary answer has too be yes, and in that yes is the very startling reality that our own American Democracy is now under attack from within, our military and the Department of Homeland Security threatening our civil liberties in the name of keeping us safe.

Army Cyber's Creed is a bit Scary

Cyber is not just a network. We operate in a contested environment which therefore makes it critical to improve our defense systems. These key defensive positions are manned by our Soldiers, civilians and contractors who need support to maintain the immediate tactical edge and expand strategic boundaries.
Network dominance is an integral part of the cyber fight – today and tomorrow. Cyber threats demand new approaches to managing information, securing information, and ensuring our ability to operate. Cyberspace is on par with the other war-fighting domains of land, sea, air and space. It is in cyberspace that we must use our strategic vision to dominate the information environment throughout interdependencies and independent systems.

The U.S. Army Cyber Command/2nd Army's breadth of responsibility spans the entire Army and the entire world - from the tactical edge to the strategic enterprise-level or national levels. Traditional boundaries no longer exist and anonymous attacks can occur literally at near light speed over fiber optic networks. Our enemies will deny the freedom of movement on our networks and use whatever they can from wherever in the world they are to gain advantage.

Army Cyber Command/2nd Army plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, directs, and conducts network operations and defense of all Army networks; when directed, conducts cyberspace operations in support of full spectrum operations to ensure U.S./Allied freedom of action in cyberspace, and to deny the same to our adversaries. The total command strength will exceed 21,000 Soldiers and civilians and will be funded from within existing fiscal resources.

Cyber Command is composed of a professional team of elite warriors defending Army networks and providing full spectrum cyber, enabling mission command and providing global advantage! The cyber war fighting requires impact, integration, risk, and knowing ourselves, the enemy, and the cyber terrain.
We are the Army leader in operating, maintaining, and defending the network.