Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday "News on the Run"

Sorry for the absence...been dealing with a few personal problems, such as having my living look like a scene from a bad movie while a section of my ceiling is repaired and, fun, fun.  Enjoy today's weather as it starts getting ugly this evening, and Thursday through Saturday does not look very good at all with freezing rain, sleet, and all around miserableness.  All in all though, we have been pretty darn lucky so far this winter...2.5 months still to go though, and we know we will get buried in snow before too long.

Wednesday "News on the Run"

The big news is no real news at all...Mitt Romney won in New Hampshire last night, and this morning all the pundits are on the airwaves telling all the Americans in the other 48 states that our votes don't matter, that the Republican Primary is now all but over.  The real news perhaps, is that controversial candidate Ron Paul came in a very STRONG second...on too the proverbial firewall, South Carolina.

The most trending of story of the morning...seems pot is actually safer for you than cigarettes fact, one CNN reporter this morning compared it to Yoga, explaining that the breathing techniques in both smoking pot and Yoga are similar.

OMG...Hostess, maker of the Twinkie, that delicious cream filled sponge cake that would still taste fresh after a nuclear explosion is in BANKRUPTCY!  A sign of the times, carrot eating, tofu nibbling, drink a veggie smoothie healthy people putting a national treasure at risk of being no more...OH WOE IS ME.  The silver lining....we can all go out and buy a few cases and stick them down in the basement knowing they will still be there ready to eat when the grand kids come over.
FAA needs to just butt out and let the Whooping Cranes fly...OK, the this years grounded whooping cranes are going to be allowing too finish their migration to Florida, but the FAA never should have interfered to begin with, and needs to JUST BUTT OUT and let this group take care of saving this endangered species.

There is today's episode of "News on the Run" coming to you from DOWNTOWN Mountaindale NY.  I need to go put some sockies on and get on the road....just in time for tonight's ugly weather, having an oil change and putting two new tires on the car.  Have a great day everyone.