Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As Promised...Tuesday "News on the Run"

Cannot believe it is just after seven in the evening, and I am just getting time to come back here and put up the Tuesday "News on the Run". It has been a hectic and busy day, but one that could be very rewarding as this new year unfolds. To early to say anything further on it, but there are good things out on the horizon.

In local news, it is COLD AS HELL outside today...I mean bone chilly, numb fingers COLD outside. Which might explain why the town of Fallsburg had a crew out by 21 Main Street replacing a part of the water supply line today. Should have taken them out a pot of hot coffee, as those guys work really hard on behalf of all the citizens in the Geographical foot print of Fallsburg, our hamlet a part thereof.

In national news, it is ALL ABOUT IOWA...give us a break please. It is a close race right now with Santorum in the lead, Mitt in second, and Ron Paul in third. All this for a winner that is going to end up with MAYBE 25,000 votes. Again I have to ask...has the time come to push Iowa and their caucus to the back burner of national politics right along with New Hampshire?

Will see everyone in the AM....been a very long day, and I really could care less who wins in Iowa.