Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holy Fracking CHIT...Feds Say Natural Gas in Well Water EXPLOSIVE

One has to be many examples is it going to take for both state and federal environmental agencies to do their JOBS, and admit that FRACKING IS NOT SAFE?  We have yet another example of not only poisoned, but EXPLOSIVE water in Ohio that can be attributed to Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing, or as we well informed environmental activists call it, FRACKING.

What is is the CDC,  not the EPA that is taking the (un)Natural Gas industry to task on this explosive issue.

In a Dec. 22 letter to the U.S. EPA, the CDC agency said both families are still at risk from potentially dangerous natural gas levels. The agency concluded that “the current conditions are likely to pose a public health threat.”

The agency looked at natural gas levels detected last November by the Granger Township Fire Department.
The levels of explosivity were 34.7 and 47.4 percent at wells at the two houses, the agency said. Hazardous conditions exist when levels surpass 10 percent, the health agency said.

The gas levels in and around the Mangans’ house have been so high that firefighters were called several times. Columbia Gas shut off service for a time because of the likelihood of an explosion. 

Fracking is dangerous, fracking is contaminating our fresh water supplies, and fracking is creaking serious risk to human health and life, and it is time for the EPA to stop playing games with our lives.